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The Sketchbook Project at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

In 2012, J.A. participated in The Sketchbook Project. Well, this year, his #sketchbook will be at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, NY.

+The Sketchbook Project is the world’s largest collection of artists’ sketchbooks. The entire library, of close to 30,000 original works, has been built one book at a time, by people of all ages and backgrounds–professionals, students, parents, and artists from all 50 states and over 135 countries.

For the month of January, The Shop at Wythe Hotel will serve as a pop-up annex for The Sketchbook Project library, which will feature 2,000 travel-themed sketchbooks. Participation is encouraged, so stop by and make your own book to contribute.

Open daily, 10AM-8PM. Please call 718-747-4493 or email theshop@wythehotel.com

Wythe Hotel | Sketchbook Project
Image courtesy of Wythe Hotel Facebook Page, Sketchbook

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