Oil Painting by J.A. Tan, blue, orange figures, abstract

J.A. Painting in Music and Autism Concert

Classical musicians from Central Washington University (CWU) invited artists with autism to collaborate on a unique concert. Composers used paintings to inspire their creations. The concert series was called “Sound Paintings” and was presented by CWU’s Piano, Composition, and Percussion studios in collaboration with autistic artists from “The Art of Autism.”

J.A.’s painting “Third Movement” was the inspiration for composer Nicholas Sasse. The paintings was part of the Movement Series, which J.A. painted for “Finding Your Inner Mozart” in 2019. Note, the painting “First Movement” won 2nd place.

The concert was held in April 2022 and was live-streamed on YouTube. Here is the video of the concert, Nicholas Sasse’s composition accompanying J.A. Tan’s painting “Third Movement,” is the last song to be performed (min. 42:31)

You can watch the concert here:

Oil Painting by J.A. Tan, blue, orange figures, abstract
“Third Movement,” by J.A. Tan, acrylic on canvas, 30 in x 24 in

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