2011 Artwork “Victory” selected as one of eight designs for the United Nations Postal Administration stamps for Autism Awareness released 02 April 2012.

Artist's Statement for "Victory"

“One young boy listening to a different tune as he makes sense of the world around. Not an easy task as he perceives the world differently from others. He is met with confused looks, angry looks, disturbed looks, happy looks, questioning looks…so many questions but no one answer. Yet this young boy continues on his journey never giving up…until…Supported by his immediate family – all five of them always a strong presence in his life – friends, and professionals this young boy today has claimed victory over the many challenges of his life. Today, with happy faces around him he shows the world the “victory” of an artist with autism achieved with patience, discipline, perseverance, love, and a positive attitude.”

Awards and Recognition

Colorful imaginative painting of a forest yellow background, acrylic on canvas, J.A. Tan
"The Forest Again," acrylic on canvas, (2011)  People’s Choice Award at Generation One Art Exhibition, Irving K. Barber Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, May 2011
"Coming into Fall" mixed media on canvas, 36in x 24in (2011) First Prize "Budding Picasso Art Competition," Autism Community Training, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August 2011
First Movement, Acrylic on Canvas, J.A. Tan



“First Movement,” acrylic on canvas, 2019, 2nd Place “Finding Your Inner MozART” contest, presented by nonprofits The Art of Autism and Mainly Mozart.

The painting “United Together” by J.A. Tan (pictured on the right)  was a Finalist in the Gallery Ring Bright Spirits Show (May 2020)

J.A.’s piece “Lighthouse Inspiration” received an Honourable Mention Award in the COLOUR show on the Gallery Ring website. You can view the online exhibit here.

Painting of a Lighthouse, colorful