Art Exhibit @ 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Recently, J.A. participated in his first ever juried art show.  The art works chosen will be exhibited in an art show during next year’s Winter Olympics.  Out of the 8 pieces he submitted, 3 were chosen to be included in the exhibit. He is one of 44 chosen artists out of the 302 that submitted works. There will be a total of 100 pieces in this show that include different genres of art and 3 of those 100 are JA’s!!!

According to his mom, “Yes, J.A. has developed his talent and has slowly matured in his art.  He continues to amaze us with how he has become what he is today.  He has indeed come a long way!”

The photo above is one of two official photos that will be used for the art exhibit catalogue. This is J.A.’s painting titled “Arizona Desert”, oil on canvas.  He has never been to Arizona and this was created from his imagination.  By the way, the shirt he is wearing features a map of his homeland thePhilippines.

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