New Work
Stormwatching from the Beach, 18 in x 24 in, acrylic on canvas (2019)

J.A. Tan is a Filipino-Canadian visual artist with autism, based in Vancouver, Canada. He is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

His work has been featured on a United Nations stamp and he has exhibited around the world.

Wearable Art


His works show his excellent talent and it is in that sense that he is different from us. His self-portraits show his desire for us to know him more. For every brush stroke is silence. His works resonate with the movement of the world through his eyes.
Pabling Calma
Engineer, Builder, Art Lover, Makati City, Philippines
It has been my deep pleasure to witness and engage with J.A. Tan's creative process, critical thought, and artistic practice. I have been moved and inspired, stirred by Tan's sensitivity and connection to his rich internal worlds and acute observations of society. The dynamic responsiveness and authenticity of his work are a powerful testament to his intricate creative process and his ability in soulfully capturing a rich palette of feelings, experiences, and realities.
Rajdeep Singh Gill
Curator and Educator, Vancouver, Canada
J.A's artwork seems to always come from within. His drawings, collages, or paintings look done with an easy hand, loose, built up from the inner self. Having watched JA paint, I've seen his hands fill the canvas within minutes and change it as quickly as he started it. It seems all to be connected to his feelings' whatever moves him at a certain moment...While he is working, his subjects come to him; his paintings tell him what his work is about. He doesn't work in themes, but often paintings "happen" under his hands. Most of JA's work could be called action painting and expression...the resulting work emphasizes the physical act and joy of painting itself as an essential aspect of his finished work.
Jeanne Krabbendam
Visual Artist and Art Educator, Vancouver, Canada
I bought J.A. Tan's figurative study "Model Sitting" at "Connect, Our Community, Our Art , Our Show.” This was a large group show held in Vancouver, Canada during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The show consisted of 38 artists and well over 100 works of art. Of all the pieces in the show "Model Sitting" was the one that struck me most on an emotional level. It is a quiet picture which exudes great sadness. I find myself studying the face of the figure, trying to understand the expression. Does it reflect a resignation to the sadness or a defiance of it? A very simple picture with great complexity below the surface. I find it to be a very moving art".
Jo-Ann Stevens
Community Manager, The Gathering Place,Vancouver Canada
When I first got a glimpse of J.A.'s portfolio on the web, I was struck by the wonderful play of colors of his works. Each piece was a celebration of life and drew the viewer to experience the particular mood being depicted. "The Essence of Granville" which I chose to be part of my personal collection, is a collage bursting with the color of the sun. The piece definitely helps make my home alive and inviting.
Magdalena V. Manzo
Virginia U.S.A.
I was lucky enough to see a compilation of JA's art works - from very early works to present when JA's mother asked me to display his art all over the unit that I had just renovated. I am no art critic but I find his works have depth and real creativity to them. While deciding which painting goes up on which wall, I came across one entitled "Old Man Being Eaten by a Fish" painted in October 2005. I eventually purchased the painting.

The jewel colors and the pattern of the fish skin were what initially attracted me to this painting - so strong and vibrant! Then there is the underlying grid pattern throughout the painting that lends a thre-dimensional feel and texture to the painting. Lastly, maybe a little humor/whimsy ---maybe JA thinks it’s time LIFE'S tables are turned and the regular fish gets to eat the man! I love how he uses his art to bridge the disconnect between his world and the "normal world". To me, J.A.'s world looks clear, fluid, colorful, meaningful, fun and ALIVE!

Garnet David
Interior Designer, Makati City, Philippines